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A Christian Mom's Guide to Continue Healing After Sexual Assault or Abuse While Raising Her Children.

Designed for the souls of moms to live more life after rape, domestic violence, PTSD, and chronic (migraine) pain- everything in our Soul Remodeling Sanctuary™ has purpose for you & little you to feel treasured by God.

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Blessings! I am Mrs. Monique Harris, The Relief Artist of Soul Remodeling™ who can help you find the inner peace and power you need to move forward. I understand how difficult it can be to heal from such a traumatic experience while also trying to be a parent because I’ve been doing it for over 13 years- 11 years successfully for myself, with 7 years of helping others.

Soul Remodeling is interior design in your heart™. I love Jesus. It is because of my intimate relationship with Him that I am able to live life after rape, domestic violence, PTSD, chronic migraine pain, and so much more.

Through my unique Get HONEST™ approach combining:
• Christian faith
• Therapeutic art
• Self-coaching
• Emotional support

I can help you create a safe space to express your feelings and feel better inside. I’m here to provide guidance and resources as you navigate your healing journey.
Together- we will find what works for you, so you can create a better life for yourself and your children.

Women Share Their Experience With Mrs. Monique Harris & Soul Remodeling