Dear Sister in Christ,

What most people (including your children) will never understand about you, is the caliber of mom you work everyday to become- despite the challenges you face & overcome.

Congratulations! You've found the Mothering and Healing Guidance You've Been Seeking!

I am Mrs. Monique Harris! Best Wife Ever to my king David and Best Mom Ever to three amazing children. Certified Trauma and Survivor Informed Therapeutic Art Facilitator with 20+ years of experience mothering multiple children while also healing from a slew of traumas- I am the Healing While Raising Children Expert who uses Gift Experiences to teach, support, and celebrate you when your heart’s desire is to be the Best Mom Ever for your child(ren).

I have a special place in my heart for moms who are survivors of sexual assault or any form(s) of abuse because I am one, who continues to thrive after both. Now after helping more than 180 women through survivor-informed healing to become better moms, plus leading a Christian Wives Ministry for four years- God equips me with a superabundance of love and care, from which I will lavish on you through my encouraging words and intentional gifts!

May I guide you from feeling like you're not good or doing enough to being the “Best Mom Ever”?

To God be the glory, Monique

Gift Experience Testimonial

Our Gifting Process

Our signature "Trinity Gifting" makes it automatic for us to show up, follow up, & follow through with more than prayers. It’s a series of three gifts for consistent love in action.

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Our unique “Drip-ship” method means each of your three gifts will be delivered randomly (individually) throughout your Gift Experience for anticipation, excitement, and surprise!

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Repeat Clients Say It Best! Check out more Gift Testimonials & Reviews below!

"I have used this beautiful soul for my wedding, one of our daughter's birthday parties, and a delivery to a dear friend. What an experience for each occasion. Such love and grace for each item made. I will always recommend others to use this amazing business. It is not just product delivered, it is an adventure."​-Kristina Gibbons

I felt like a queen all week! I am enjoying EVERYTHING [in my Love Treasures basket]!!"🙌 I just need to thank God and the Harris family for this, beautifully prepared, delivered personally, from Charlotte gift basket. Their love told me that what I like and that I matter to them. Love is God's greatest commandment… they deliver locally and ship as well. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Thank you 🙏🙌♥️🙂"​-Ruby Hampton

"I ordered a Mother’s Day gift box for my daughter to honor her sweet angel baby, NoraJean. Monique was so wonderful to work with. The box was filled with some small yet meaningful pieces. It made my daughter’s heart smile. Monique went above and beyond — she put “NoraJean” on the candle — Such a wonderful and personal touch. Thanks so much for helping me make my daughter’s Mother’s Day so special."​-NancyAnn B.

When I met Monique several years ago, I thought what a smart, forward thinking young lady she was. She was creating vegan and dairy free, delicious desserts for those who needed or preferred these choices! Since then, she has continued to create amazing sweet treats customized to individuals needs. Monique served her desserts for a year at my women's Heart Link Network dinners, making a lot of ladies very happy. She is dependable and works with a spirit of excellence." -Nancy White. More women share their experience working with Mrs. Monique Harris & Soul Remodeling. Listen to Charlene's reflections...

"I’ve had the pleasure of using Love Treasures for several different occasions for both my business and personal use. My favorites were the wrapped dessert gifts at a gala my business hosted and also a beautiful edible bouquet as a gift for a business associate. Most of all the owner is reliable and wonderful to work with. She has a passion for making memorable moments."​-Natasha O. Arriana shares next…

"On multiple occasions, Monique has shown me that she's a pro at serving others. She's made my occasions memorable. I always think of [Monique] first when I have a special occasion because she's really good at gift ideas. She's even done some custom jobs for me. I feel honored to know someone like Monique who can turn my lack of gift ideas into something epic. Thanks so much."​-Ricky Stevenson. Ashley finds respite with a Soul Remodeling Experience…

“My mother's gift delivered by Monique and son via her business. I wasn't able to be there and I found out she had an option to record my mother's reaction. That was PRICELESS! I'm not good at coming up with these kinds of gifts so I bought something from her collection & SHE added the magic, lol. I was just as surprised. For real, I thank you so much for this! ❤️💕🖤"-Ricky