OUR IMPACT: Thank you for supporting Soul Remodeling which directly opens more doors to healing for r@pe survivors and their children.

Acrylic Art Prints $100

YOUR IMPACT: Each Soul Remodeling Acrylic Art Print purchase sponsors one Affirmation Magnet Set as birthday gifts for a Survivor's preteen/teen daughter.

Soul Remodeling's Acrylic Art Prints are uniquely made to look like our art is printed on glass! You can use this pretty decor to elevate your place especially when you have small wall space!

BENEFIT: You can combine two or more of our Acrylic Art Prints to easily coordinate a personalized wall art statement.

BONUS BENEFIT: Your Acrylic Art Prints won't be ruined by steam from the shower! Simply wipe them off and keep admiring it.

So if you’ve been feeling uninspired by the ambiance in your-

  • Prayer Closet
  • Sacred Space
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Entry Way or Foyer
  • Office Space

-you can find some relief with our Acrylic Art Prints!

Acrylic Print sizes 11 x 14 (rectangle) and/or 12 x 12 (square). PLEASE NOTE: No embellishments are on Acrylic prints.