OUR IMPACT: Thank you for supporting Soul Remodeling which directly opens more doors to healing for r@pe survivors and their children.

Soul Remodeling Retreat Kits™ $100+

 YOUR IMPACT: Each Soul Remodeling Retreat Kit purchase sponsors one hour of advocacy for survivors of sexual assault.

Yearning to escape your hidden pain, but mom-guilt makes you push through for your children? Consider unburdening yourself with Certified Trauma-informed Soul Remodeling Retreat Kits whenever or wherever you find solitude, so you can devote time to your healing without feeling guilty.

SPOILER ALERT: Our Soul Remodeling Retreat Kits might make you release some expectations and tears; but they’re the compassionate grace-filled spaces dedicated to helping good moms like you feel better inside. I am aware you’re probably frustrated with feeling like a terrible mom because you can’t just “get over it”.

Listen…this is the moment when you can cross “should” off your checklist. Don't waste another thought on feeling guilty or undeserving with “I know I should...” (for whatever reason). We have what you need in Soul Remodeling Retreat Kits if you’ve been looking to unwind your mind, honor your body, and uplift your spirit.


  • Specifically designed to fit into your daily life
  • INCLUDES repeatable Expressive Art activities and reusable Gifts to enhance your therapeutic experience and assist with each activity
  • You can start, pause, and resume at any time
  • Stress relief and anxiety reduction
  • Self-exploration and self-esteem building
  • Self-healing and trauma-processing

Contents (vary by Kit)

  • Gifts
  • Three Expressive Arts activities- to Unwind My Mind, Uplift My Spirit, and Honor My Body
  • Checklists
  • Video

Soul Remodeling Retreat Kits are the first trauma-informed therapeutic retreats dedicated to Moms raising children while navigating their healing journey in life after r@pe.