Adults Need Villages, Too!

Adults Need Villages, Too!

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Do you believe you need to be strong all the time for everyone else- even when you are going through something painful yourself?

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to keep yourself and everything else together?

Are you honest with your village about your needs?

I want to share with you a quote that I heard yesterday when I was at a meeting. The quote was about a recovery program, which I also equate to any kind of support group or a village. The quote is:

“This is not for those who need, this is for those who want it."

Why this stuck with me and was so inspirational to me- is because I thought about my own Wives group. I’m always telling the ladies in the group to build your sisterhood and reach out to one another. If you’re going through something, lean on the sisters. The same thing was true with when I was in group therapy.

So any kind of village that you have, support system, or recovery program, any support that you have- I encourage you to actually use the support. I want you to really think about the quote that, "This is isn't for those who need it, but it’s for those who want it".

Because, it’s gonna take some work on your behalf to actually build relationships with people, and to accept the help when they give it to you; and to ask for extra help in the first place. Because if you have a strong support system, there's no reason for you to be doing life by yourself; for you to be feeling overwhelmed or burned out; to feel like you have to do everything for everybody. That’s just really uncalled for, you know.

So I want you to really think about your support system and don’t take them for granted. God has strategically placed these people in your life to help you. I don’t take it lightly having a support system because it was not always this way. And when I was going through a lot of pain lately- I definitely leaned on my support system. I was so glad that they were there because they are the ones who kept me going. Reach out to your support system and ask for some help.

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