"Why can’t I just get over it?"

"Why can’t I just get over it?"

The question most moms ask: "Why can’t I just get over it?" vs. what I hear… 

Sounds like: "I know they're tired of hearing about it and want me to stop thinking about it- but I'm still dealing with it."

I hear you: Comparing your tolerance.


Sounds like: "I feel like I'm not doing enough or deserving of more time for my needs."

I hear you: Comparing your capacity.


Sounds like: "I Feel like a failure because I keep making mistakes when I should “know better”.

I hear you: Comparing your process.

I’ve found healing to be synonymous with grieving. They are both highly individualized and have no correct way to experience them. Grieving & healing look and feel different for each person. Both are as unique as the person experiencing it.


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