This Is Much Bigger, Much Deeper; It's Spiritual

This Is Much Bigger, Much Deeper; It's Spiritual

At first glance I know that this may look like it's just about intimacy, sex, and pleasure for husbands- and it is. But it's SO much deeper...

When it comes to discussions about intimacy, sex, and pleasure in marriages as Believers, it's not uncommon for some eyebrows to be raised. But what if I told you that “The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™” goes beyond the surface?

This transformative experience is rooted in a profound desire for husbands to not only experience physical pleasure but to be present leaders in their families. It is a journey towards "Multi-generational Wholeness Through Holiness", aiming to empower husbands and ultimately strengthen our communities. In this Treasured Letter™, we will explore the deeper layers of “The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™”.

What do men love more than sex?

It's no secret that men have a strong desire for physical intimacy. As wives, we can harness this desire to inspire our husbands to be actively engaged in other aspects of our relationships and families. After all, who doesn't love rewards? This is where “The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™” comes into play.

    Often times, there is a shadow that looms over intimacy and sex with our spouse – the painful aftermath from a past with sexual assault or abuse. For those- like myself- who have survived such a traumatic experience, finding intimacy, pleasure, and fulfillment can be such a struggle. As a survivor who has also dedicated myself to a long history of:

    • Advocacy
    • Community work
    • Talks
    • Raising awareness
    • and many types of service work
    I intimately understand the challenges faced by survivors. It's a battle that extends far beyond the physical realm. Because the literal crime of being assaulted in a sexual way was committed against your body, it causes a lot of issues when it comes to these areas.
    Every couple that commits to this journey is to experience pleasure, fulfillment, and freedom in the bedroom, tailored to their unique intimacy needs and desires.
    Naked and Unashamed
    To truly appreciate the depth of "The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™," I must share part of my personal journey as a survivor of sexual assault. Since I'm already currently impacting survivors, I want my work to really reflect and encompass all of who I am and what I'm about. For me to connect with my husband on a deeper intimacy level, I had to do some work to get myself to a place where I could feel comfortable naked and unashamed with him.
    Although I did a lot of work before I got married-
    • Therapy: Talk (mind)
    • Thought Management: BELIEF, TRUST
    • Learning Scriptures- Taking negative captive to bow to God’s Word
    • Awareness
    • Curiosity
    • Encouraging Self-talk
    • Celebrating myself and my progress
    • Self-help and Personal Development Books, Audiobooks
    • Action & other Bible variations
    -I did even more after I was married:
    • More Therapy: Talk (mind) including "undercover" marriage counseling
    • Continuing Thought Management: BELIEF, TRUST
    • Learning Scriptures and creating affirmations (reminders) based on them
    • Increasing Awareness
    • Becoming more curious
    • Encouraging myself more with God's Word
    • Celebrating myself and my progress
    • Continuing Devotionals, Self-help, Personal Development Books, Audiobooks
    • Authored and published books for myself and others!
    • Therapeutic Art (emotion, soul)
    • Somatic (body- dance, deep stretch)
    That's when the impact of surviving sexual assault and abuse really showed up as an issue. The expectations I had built in my mind clashed with the reality I was facing. I had these thoughts in my mind of what my marital love life was gonna be like, you know? I was thinking, "I waited all this time to be in a God-ordained marriage so I can do whatever I want with my husband without guilt or shame."
    In reality- I became more insecure, afraid, and felt trapped.
    Insecure about my "sex skills"
    Afraid I wouldn't be able to please and satisfy my husband
    Trapped in a mental prison that kept me from embracing pleasure 
    I longed for the freedom to embrace pleasure without guilt or shame. It was during this challenging season that my husband continued as an unwavering source of support, always ensuring I felt "safe and protected." I was eventually able to overcome many issues I was having through therapy and other healing resources. I no longer felt that sex was just obligation, as I did for the majority of my life up until that point. Now, I choose to enjoy intimacy and sex with great praise to God for my marriage.
    Every couple that commits to this journey is to experience pleasure, fulfillment, and freedom in the bedroom, tailored to their unique intimacy needs and desires.
    A Call to Empower Kingdom Husbands 
    That is how The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™” was inspired. And that's why it's king and queen. Because The Experience is not about the husband getting sex, random sex toys, lubes, or card games; (nothing wrong with that stuff). This is much bigger, much deeper, it's spiritual. This is about:
    • Embracing the way that God created us
    • Honoring the way that He designed marriage
    • Us having pleasure and fulfillment, and a safe and protected space with our spouse to explore the depths of our desires that may not come easily (no pun intended)
    • Leading our families by example by doing things God's way
    In the grand scheme of things, "The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™" is about achieving "multi-generational wholeness through holiness." It is a call to empower Christian husbands to seek satisfaction, not just for themselves but as a means to support their wives – especially if she is a survivor of sexual assault or abuse.

    Every couple that commits to this journey is to experience pleasure, fulfillment, and freedom in the bedroom, tailored to their unique intimacy needs and desires.

    So, while on the surface, it may seem like a discussion about sex, it is, in fact, a profound exploration of healing, empowerment, and holistic fulfillment within the sanctity of Christ followers' marriages.

    Some Features and Benefits of The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™

    For Husband and Wife

    King and Queen's Preference: Designed to identify individual relationship needs and preferences, this short pleasure questionnaire is completed by the husband and wife (individually) before creating and curating her Intimacy Gifts:
    • Providing personalized recommendations from our range of intimacy solutions
    • Creating a unique and empowering experience for each participant.
    • Ensuring she receives gifts she actually desires, and would touch her on a deeper level.

    For The Husband

    He will gain understanding, hope, and options for intimacy with his wife; dispelling the beliefs that he:

    -Is being punished for past sins
    -Has to accept a sexless marriage
    -Must find ways to remain faithful without fulfillment.

    For The Wife

    She will reclaim and embrace her sensual and sexual power, conquering the complex prison that is limiting her from experiencing pleasure and desires after sexual assault or abuse.

    I am Certified in Trauma/survivor-Informed Care with a long track record of advocacy and activism for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence over the last 11 years. Part of my service work is empowering survivors with Jesus so they can take back their power in healthy meaningful ways.

    For Your Family

    -Your love will reconnect you to pleasure with one another, eliminating seeking outside sources for intimacy, stimulation, and satisfaction. "Love" through our Intimacy Gifts refers to God's love, romantic love, and friendship love.

    -This will also show your children what healing and restoration looks like in a marriage.

    -We include your children in platonic intimacy to help them develop strong emotional connections, trust, and support with others. This type of intimacy focuses on building meaningful friendships and familial connections based on care and understanding, without involving anything romantic or sexual.

    Go from rejected and disappointed, to accepted and pleased with The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™ by Soul Remodeling.

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