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"A Listening Ear"™ 3-month Gift Experience

"A Listening Ear"™ 3-month Gift Experience

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"Monique is an awesome leader and a wonderful listener. I appreciate her listening ear when I needed someone to talk to about family issues that I was facing. She allowed me to vend and offered wonderful advice that I could use because we've shared similar experiences. For that, I will forever be grateful." -Stephanie W.

With "A Listening Ear"™ 3-month Gift Experience, I facilitate a monthly personal written coaching exchange between you and me, and send you a personalized gift with each of my three responses!

What You Receive from Mrs. Monique Harris with "A Listening Ear" Gift Experience:

    At Soul Remodeling, we know it's your thought that counts™, so we reference your preferences in each Gift Experience!

    * 3 "Listening Ear" Submissions (form to share your thoughts with me) read

    * 3 Personalized Treasured Letter responses for encouragement and hope

    * 3 Curated Intentional Gifts

    "I have used this beautiful soul [Mrs. Monique Harris]… What an experience for each occasion. Such love and grace for each item made. I will always recommend others to use this amazing business. It is not just product delivered, it is an adventure." -Kristina Gibbons

    How this works:

    Once a month at your convenience, you’ll share your sentiments with us using our “All About You Interview” form via text message or email. If a month goes by and I haven’t heard from you- I’ll text you a reminder.

    Each month, I’ll respond with a personalized Treasured Letter, and drip-ship an intentional trauma-informed Gift.

    Our unique “Drip-ship” method means your gift will be delivered randomly each month for anticipation, excitement, and surprise!

    Next Steps:

    In your Confirmation Email (after checkout)- You receive a link to complete our "All About You Interview" form.

    After form submission once a month, we at Soul Remodeling: Create Your Gift Experience & Drip-ship Your Soul Remodeling Gifts!

    I can truly say that Monique shows up. In order to help someone you need to be there, consistently, and she's definitely been there for me. Whether it was to pray for me, help me, or just listen- she was down for it all. What was important to me became important to her and she proved it by being there". -Biniqua

    A Personal Letter from Mrs. Monique Harris:

    Beloved Sister in Christ,

    When I was upset, sick, feeling down, or having a rough time- it was tough. It was also hurtful because they couldn’t understand my adult choices. Still, I did the hard work to become a thriving mom, and for my children to see me as good- even in the dark places. As moms of African descent, we tend to believe pretending we’re “good” while helping everyone else- regardless of what we’re going through- is the right thing to do. What makes matters worse is when busyness or fear of saying the wrong thing, keeps our loved ones or friends from communicating their thoughts and empathy. My grandma used to say, “You gotta be honest with somebody”. Now, after helping more than 180 women in their healing and leading a Christian Wives Ministry for four years-I can handle your truth. When you're going through, my Listening Ear is here, for you. 

    You're never a burden to me.

    On the other side of this screen, I am a real woman with original thoughts and strong faith in God. I am the Gift Experience Expert who supports moms by giving of my spiritual and tangible gifts.

    When you write to me- I am personally reading your words and hearing your heart. I invite the Holy Spirit for revelation and Jesus for a compassionate response. I uplift you in prayer for the intentional intimacy gifts you receive will bring comfort and care!

    You're a Wonderful Mother!

    An inspiration to us all. And you don’t have to wait to celebrate your imperfect progress! As a Certified Trauma-Informed survivor with over a decade of advocacy, I’ve found healing to be synonymous with grieving. Both, highly individualized with no correct way or standard process to experience it. Each is as unique as the person experiencing it. With this wisdom- I offer support, not advice. We’re not embarking on any journeys and no artificial intelligence (Ai) is used in our communications.

    Soul Remodeling Gifts show care and say, "Jesus sees you, and so do I." Our Gift Experiences facilitate effective & impactful mothering solutions that make you feel seen, significant, loved; and keep your mind off the thing- even if it’s a few moments of relief.

    To God be the glory,


    "An unexpected gift from Love Treasures this morning made my day! This fudge sampler gift is literal love in a box! 😍" -Hope R.

    Want to gift an Experience as a Mother's Day, birthday, special occasion, Christmas, or just because gift? How thoughtful of you! Click here for Gift Card options!

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