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Soul Remodeling Relief™ Retreat

Soul Remodeling Relief™ Retreat

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I understand the unique challenges you face when healing from sexual assault, domestic violence, PTSD, and chronic pain can be a long and difficult journey. We are here to help you find you find your own path to a sense of peace and empowerment through our creative process. That's why our private retreat is tailored to meet your individual needs. Our private retreat is a safe and supportive space where survivors can express yourself without judgement. 

Take a moment and imagine your child(ren) not having to fight internal battles like-

  • Difficulty trusting people and forming relationships
  • Fear of not being able to protect your children from experiencing the same trauma
  • Feeling of guilt for not being able to prevent the assault or abuse
  • Feeling of shame for not being able to leave or “get over it” sooner 

-because you overcame your wars. It’s possible for part of your legacy to include generational healing. 

Great news! You’re invited to…

Soul Remodeling ReliefRetreat by Mrs. Monique Harris:

A private retreat for the mom who survived sexual assault or domestic violence looking for ways to continue healing while raising her children.

Who is this for? Moms living life after surviving sexual assault, domestic violence, chronic pain, or PTSD who-

  • Want inner peace and the strength needed to move forward
  • Have had some therapy & done some work in their healing journey
  • Are willing to be honest with themselves & us

At Soul Remodeling Relief™ Retreat, you can learn how to unburden yourself with grace. This experience can help you-

  • Release expectations and attachments to how we think it "should" be
  • Explore and communicate your present thoughts and feelings
  • Express your voice in fun creative ways

Now you may already know art is therapeutic; but you may not know that it can help you be able to trust and love again without fear.

Our experienced facilitators will be there to guide you through the process and provide emotional support.

Our time together features "Choose Your Own Experience"! We provide a variety of art materials and techniques to help you express yourself in a creative and meaningful way. You decide how to enjoy these moments in your life. We partner with you to determine the biggest question or concern you want to explore, and design an experience for you to arrive at your own answers- based on what you believe will work best for you. 

Listen, if you’re at a point in your life where a real relationship with Jesus and leading by example are priorities, this experience is especially for you. 

It’s time to claim your spot and take a load off.

Thank you for sowing into Soul Remodeling™️ by Mrs. Monique Harris which directly opens more doors to healing for a rape survivor and her children.

A Bit About Mrs. Monique Harris, The Relief Artist of Soul Remodeling:

Because I have tried a lot, I can support your self-exploration & discovery process by- 

  1. Reassuring you to be proud of your imperfect progress
  2. Guiding you through your first steps to starting, or next steps of following through

Because I have survived a lot, I can walk alongside you in your journey by-

  1. Helping you see yourself through the eyes of Christ
  2. Showing what surrender and self-compassion look like when you have a relationship with Jesus
  3. Listening to and believing you.
  4. Offering encouragement, hope, and support rather than unsolicited advice.
  5. Sharing from my own experience.
  6. Respecting your privacy and keeping what's shared confidential.

ANSWERS to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • Who is this not for? Survivors who have had no therapy or personal development; or are seeking a substitute for therapy. Our therapeutic event is a complement to therapy and an alternative form of healing. We are not Licensed Therapists and therefore, do not diagnose problems.
  • What's it going to be like if I get this? You will receive one and a half hours of personal access to Mrs. Monique Harris, her listening ear, wisdom from her lived experiences of overcoming rape, domestic violence, PTSD, chronic migraine pain, and more, and her compassion from serving & leading others. You will also be blessed with a mini Soul Remodeling Respite™ Kit which includes a repeatable Expressive Art activity and a reusable Keepsake Gift, plus- community with other quality women- in a private brave space for emotional support, light refreshments, and The Pauline Tea Bar-Apothecary Experience.
  • What's the real value? We are offering a solution that equips you to be feel better in real-time, be present, and continue healing in your own way. In terms of monetary investment (money)- One and a half hours of personal access to Mrs. Monique Harris is $1,875 + Our Soul Remodeling Respite™ Kit  Subscription is $750/quarter = $2,625.
  • Is it worth it? Yes! And so are you!
  • Is this a joke, or can this experience really help me solve my problems? We provide the tools. It's up to you to use them.
  • What's the catch? Let us know if you find one.
  • What do I have to do to get this? Purchase a ticket before we sell out, arrive early or on-time to receive the full experience. Note: Your Kit will be at the event (not arrive in the mail).
  • How can I be sure it's going to work? Am I getting my money's worth? For sure. We guarantee that if you don't feel better inside at the end of your Soul Remodeling Relief Experience- you don't have to attend another one.
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