Are you a good Christian mom? Do this quick self-audit and see

Are you a good Christian mom? Do this quick self-audit and see

If being a good Christian mom means you have to add-on one of these 3 labels (or worse, all three)- We have to talk about reshaping your role.

Do this quick self-audit and see if you're wearing these labels as part of being a good Christian mom. Most usually save the best for last; but I'm a dessert-first kind of lady so I have to get right to it…


My kids call it "folding". It looks like me changing my initial "no"

to "yes"- fully aware that I'm pushing down my own needs only to make them happy and will, for sure, regret it later.


Almost sounds like a cuss. I spent most of my life making decisions to please my mom at any costs– such as staying in an abusive marriage to "keep (my) family together". Consequently, I suppressed my feelings & re-wrote the story as an effort to appease her & others involved.


The more I've shown up in a way to make those around me feel comfortable or avoid conflict, the less I felt "seen". Because how could they see me, when I didn't even recognize myself? Pretending to be OK with things I wasn't ok with hurt.

These labels don't belong on me; so why did I wear them for so long? 

If you've been questioning your worthiness as a good Christian mom, here's 3 things you can do about it…

  1. Know it's not your fault; it's more likely an unrecognized stress response that can be traced back to repeated traumatic events, usually in childhood.
  2. Accept God's daily grace & acknowledge your emotions with self-compassion
  3. Take off the labels and put on His Armor (Read Ephesians 6:10-18)

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