About Us

Meet Mrs. Monique Harris, The Relief Artist of Soul Remodeling

I'm Monique Harris

Blessings! I am Mrs. Monique Harris, Certified Trauma-informed Speaker and Therapeutic Relief Artist of Soul Remodeling™ thriving in life after r@pe. I equip other moms to feel better inside while navigating their healing journey through my 3D jeweled texture Sculptures and "Listening E.A.R."™ (Expressive Arts Relief) Kits.

Because I am also a survivor of domestic violence, PTSD, and currently a chronic migraine warrior- Soul Remodeling's™ art infuses the transformations and experiences from remodeling my home and my healing journey in life after r@pe- to provide emotional support and hope to moms trying to be strong.

My unique mixed media art is digitally created, printed, and soulfully sculpted with my signature 3D gems as reminders that you’re God’s special treasure. My designs also feature teal and purple awareness ribbons (for the traumas listed above), and include different textures for a sensory experience. I love experimenting with interesting mediums including soft and smooth textures, geodes, acrylic, metallic, and glitter!

Thank you for supporting Soul Remodeling which directly opens more doors to healing for r@pe survivors and their children.