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"God's Light Shines Through Me" Soul Remodeling™ Retreat Kit

"God's Light Shines Through Me" Soul Remodeling™ Retreat Kit

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This "God's Light Shines Through Me" Soul Remodeling™ Retreat Kit-

Addresses these feelings:

  • Believing you are “damaged goods”
  • Wrestling with feeling like you aren't good enough, doing enough, or deserving of take time for grieving and healing
  • Comparing your pain, tolerance, capacity, or unique needs to someone who isn’t you
  • Feeling alone or invisible because no one truly sees you or what you’re going through inside
  • Pretending to be ok with, or feel good about things or people you don’t feel good about 
  • Doubting your capabilities
  • Seeking constant validation
  • Release the feelings of pressure, shame, stress, performance anxiety, fear, trauma,
  • Removing mental blocks and self-judgment

Includes these reusable Keepsake Gifts:

  1. Affirmation Puzzle

  2. Guided Writing Journal

  3. Repeatable Expressive Arts Experiences with Instructions ($100+)

  4. Matching Large Tote Bag (easily carry your Retreat Kit with you anywhere) 


  1. One FREE month of our “Queen & Princess A-List” text club! One Biblical Affirmation daily for a consistent way to instill we are daughters of King Jesus! Plus, how to best deliver it to your Princess!

  2. Safe Space Checklist

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