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"Keep Your Dream Alive" Intention Board™️ Tote Bag

"Keep Your Dream Alive" Intention Board™️ Tote Bag

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Reclaim Your Dreams: A Soul Remodeling Intention Board Tote Bag to Help You Thrive

The Soul Remodeling "Keep Your Dream Alive Intention Board" Tote Bag is designed to help you focus on your goals and intentions, and to keep your dreams alive. This Tote Bag includes a variety of inspirational quotes, affirmations, and scriptures to help you stay motivated and inspired. 

This Tote Bag is an ideal way to stay focused on your dreams and goals. It's a great reminder to stay positive and stay on track.


Get your Soul Remodeling "Keep Your Dream Alive Intention Board" today and make sure that your dreams’ goals are always within reach.

INSPIRATION: "What's more important than the vision? The INTENTION! We all know what we desire in life. The real question is the "why" behind it. Personally, I set my intentions daily and check them often- especially when making decisions and before speaking. Even queen Oprah herself says that Intention is the number one principle that rules her life." -Mrs. Monique Harris, The Relief Artist of Soul Remodeling

INTENTIONS/THEMES: Growth, Life is an Adventure, Create Memories, See the Beauty

PERSONALIZED OPTIONS: We are honored to be trusted with designing and creating personalized Intention Boards for our Clients! Further, you have more options on their application! Contact us for details.

SIZES: Medium or Large

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Customer Reviews

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Ricky Stevenson
A Practical and Inspiring Tote Bag

I recently purchased the "Keep Your Dream Alive" Intention Board™️ Christian Affirmation Art Tote Bag for my mother-in-law and she absolutely loves it!

The bag is practical and durable.

The design is beautiful, and the message is powerful, reminding us to live life as an adventure, create memories, and see the beauty in the world.

The added option of personalized intention boards is a thoughtful touch and truly sets this bag apart.

I highly recommend this tote bag for anyone looking for a practical and inspiring accessory. Thank you, Mrs. Monique Harris, for creating such a meaningful piece.