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You’re a Wonderful Mother: A Soul & Self-care Celebration

You’re a Wonderful Mother: A Soul & Self-care Celebration

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The top reason a mom tries to prioritize self-care is not a surprise to most people (she’s been momming), but the second one is…

She wants to luxuriate and enjoy a break from life’s demands and her children!

If she sounds like you, then You're a Wonderful Mother! I’d love to honor and uplift you at this Soul & Self Care Celebration! I wish everyday was a spa day, so I’m excited to show you how to luxuriate in your everyday life, at home!

What you’ll experience at this exclusive in-person event:

  • Learn how to create a customized self-care body scrub that you can use and experience at home.
  • Discover how to take a guilt-free break daily from your children and routine. 
  • Be supported by a community of moms who want to feel free celebrating themselves, too! Group coaching for pouring into each other from overflow included!

We also provide light refreshments, plus all materials and supplies needed for this experience.

If mom guilt tries to talk you out of taking this break with time for yourself, keep these 3 truths in mind:

  1. Yes, other events are important and I get to take care of myself any day of the week without guilt. This event dotes on me, helping me.
  2. No, I’m not a burden when I lean on my support system (that I don't be using even though they’re here) to support me! And, this is my opportunity to receive help and blessings from this village (who loves to help and bless me)!
  3. Guilt is useless to me and my children. I’m allowing this time to luxuriate so I can continue being a good mom to my children!

Next Steps:

In your Confirmation Email (after checkout)- Use the link to complete our "All About You Interview" form to help us tailor your experience!

Please arrive a few minutes early so our Experience remains uninterrupted.

A Personal Letter From Your Event Host:

Beloved Sister in Christ,

I am Mrs. Monique Harris, the Best Mom Ever to three amazing children, and Gift Experience Expert at Soul Remodeling. My compassionate words & intentional gifts encourage you to be easier on and more loving towards yourself. By honoring and celebrating yourself, that self-compassion and grace extends towards others and you become the Best Mom Ever for your children!

We're doing enough on a daily basis; so we miss opportunities for self-care in the mundane moments. I’m big on celebrating in your everyday moments, which is why this Gift Experience event helps you dedicate time for self-care at home, so you can do this most important thing without feeling guilty. 

If ever you feel torn between other commitments and your need for self-care, know that caring for yourself is a reflection of God’s love for you. Remember, even Jesus took time away to rest and recharge, setting the ultimate example of self-care for us to follow.

Join us at this personalized event focused on helping moms prioritize luxuriating in self-care at home. 

To God be the glory,


Ps. If you know a mom who deserves a night out of the town, but prefers a morning on the comfy sofa with friends? Cover her registration by April 27 for $40- or bring her with you for $30 each!

Here's what other women have said after their experiences with us...

"I’ve had the pleasure of using Mrs. Monique Harris for several different occasions for both my business and personal use…Most of all, she is reliable and wonderful to work with. She has a passion for making memorable moments." -Natasha O.

"Monique helps create a safe, fun, and productive atmosphere where one can be vulnerable, laugh, and get needed support and encouragement. She is truly a caring and capable leader. The group dynamic she fosters is amazing". -Angelina

"I can truly say that Monique shows up. In order to help someone you need to be there, consistently, and she's definitely been there for me. Whether it was to pray for me, help me, or just listen- she was down for it all. What was important to me became important to her and she proved it by being there". -Biniqua

"Monique is an awesome leader and a wonderful listener. I appreciate her listening ear when I needed someone to talk to about family issues that I was facing. She allowed me to vent and offered wonderful advice that I could use because we've shared similar experiences. For that, I will forever be grateful." -Stephanie W.

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