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Queen & Princess A-List $25+

Queen & Princess A-List $25+

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If you’re looking for a consistent way to instill we are daughters of King Jesus, get on our Queen & Princess A-List!

BENEFITS: The "A" is for Affirmation, all based on what God’s Word says about us. (Ideal for ages 6 and older)

  • Inspires moments of deeper intimacy and communication with God & each other
  • Enables you to easily validate your girl to know she has God’s & your approval
  • Learn and retain Biblical scriptures in easily digestible ways
  • Helps you maintain faith in hopeless times with stress relief & anxiety reduction
  • Encourages self -exploration, -awareness, -esteem building, -healing, and trauma-processing
  • Designed to fit into your daily routine
  • You can also relieve some of the things inside of you by overcoming these feelings:

  • Believing you are “damaged goods”
  • Wrestling with feeling like you aren't good enough, doing enough, or deserving of take time for grieving and healing
  • Believing you always need to be "strong"
  • Comparing your pain, tolerance, capacity, or unique needs to someone who isn’t you
  • Feeling alone or invisible because no one truly sees you or what you’re going through inside
  • Pretending to be ok with, or feel good about things or people you don’t feel good about 
  • Doubting your capabilities and/or seeking constant validation
  • Release the feelings of pressure, shame, stress, performance anxiety, fear, trauma,
  • Allowing yourself permission to feel good within your body and senses
  • Removing mental blocks and self-judgment
  • Insecurities about making decisions and trusting your judgment again
  • Feeling like a failure because you keep making mistakes when you think you should “know better”
  • Fearing your daughter or niece will make the same mistakes you did
  • Feeling misunderstood because other people don’t get it or support your decisions, which can also make you feel like you’re crazy
  • Judging yourself and your progress based on what or how you think you “should” be doing

  • EACH MONTH, YOU RECEIVE (more than $100 in value)*:

    1. Daily uplifting text message to share with your Princess (priceless)

    2. Monthly Mini Affirmation Art- set of 2 ($10 value) 

    BONUS ($300 value):

    • Monthly 1-hour Virtual Healing Circle just for Queens facilitated by a Soul Remodeling Team Member, for you to receive a literal listening ear (rather than unsolicited advice). See testimonials below!

    • Save $30 with an Annual Subscription

    *For your convenience, our Queen & Princess A-List auto-renews monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

    SOCIAL IMPACT: No child left unloved! Every Connection Kit purchase opens more doors to healing for child witnesses and survivors of abuse.

    GUARANTEE: If you don't feel better inside after completing your first week, you can request a cancellation within seven (7) days of receipt.

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