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The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™

The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™

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For this Experience, You must currently be a husband older than 21 years of age married to a woman older than 21 years of age, OR a wife older than 21 years of age married to a man older than 21 years of age.***REMEMBER: Check your confirmation email***

Don't let another holiday, vacation, or special occasion come- but you don't! 

Spice up your romance in the bedroom

Husbands get intimacy needs met with “The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™” - a Personalized Pursuit for Husbands, with Gifts to Romance Their Wife. Married couples who commit to this exciting and extended experience for consistent connection at home enjoy pleasure, fulfillment, and freedom in their bedroom- far beyond holidays and special occasions.

Based on your honest answers to our “Pleasure Questionnaire”, we use our proprietary Fulfillment Assessment to create your personalized path of Romantic Gifts, complete with in-depth guides, for well-thought-out intimate gifting.

Our Intimacy Experience drip-deliver shareable gifts for spontaneity and anticipation to add elements of excitement and surprise! These gifts have been described by clients as:

"Literal love in a box"
"Designed for the soul of a person"
"An adventure"

-and have earned me the title, "Queen of the Personal Touch".

You will receive the following variety of intimacy solutions, to maximize excitement and joy in your King and Queen Intimacy Experience™:

*Tangible, Shareable, Reusable Romantic Gifts

Please note that if you're looking for a mixed bag of sex toys & such, this ain't that! No quick fixes or generic solutions.

*Leader Guide (for Husband) & Lover Guide (for Wife) featuring:


-Personalized recommendations for bonding inspired by my books, “Your Daily Pleasure" and "Parenting By Faith".

-Suggestions from my book, “31 Sensual Self-care Escapes™

-Affirmations inspired by my book, "50 Scripture-based Survivor-informed Sexual Safety Affirmations" 

-Messages to husband from my book, “Sweet and Freaky Wife: 90 Messages to Show Your Husband Appreciation, Admiration, & Anticipation™” 

"The combined approach of thoughtful communication, romantic trauma-informed gifts, and confidence-building messages as a comprehensive intimacy toolkit empowers husbands to navigate challenges- fostering a deeper, more fulfilling connection with their wife. "Come Together" is an intro to The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™, which acts as a catalyst for rebuilding intimacy and strengthening marriages." -Mrs. Monique Harris

Getting Started/How This Works

In Confirmation Email (after checkout)- Husband receives two links for the King & Queen’s Preference. After form submission from both, we at Soul Remodeling:

  1. Personalize Your Experience
  2. Ship Your Guides, then-
  3. Ship Your Gifts for the duration of your Experience!

If you thinking, “I really want to do this, but I’m not sure how to bring it up with my spouse”- listen to this 8-minute message from our Founder…


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For this Experience, You must currently be a husband older than 21 years of age married to a woman older than 21 years of age, OR a wife older than 21 years of age married to a man older than 21 years of age

***REMEMBER: Check your confirmation email***

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