Take A Break!

Take A Break!

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 Are you overwhelmed or burnt out?

Are you just going through the motions?

Is there a break on your to-do list?

Friday, me and my family went on a spontaneous vacation. We had a great time! Most of my time was actually spent just sitting on the beach and listening to the ocean. I love nature! I’m not feeling bugs too much; but I do love to be outside in nature just to view, observe, and listen to all of the things that God has made. You know, I just find it absolutely so soul-fulfilling when I do that.

Taking a break is a way for you to feel good inside. Now, I know we can't always just drive out to the beach when we want to.

Another way that I take a break is by creating safe spaces or different spaces in my home, where I’ll have a place that I can go home to and recollect my thoughts. I encourage you to create a safe space like that, or a fireplace, somewhere in your home, or even in your back or front yard.

Even if you only lay in there for a 5, 10, or 15 minute break. You'll still have somewhere to go. And then that way- if you’re feeling like I was Friday when you know you need a break- you'll have a home sanctuary to go to provide a safe and calming space to relax and unwind.

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