You've been eagerly awaiting this moment; like a car tire, ready to hit the road

You've been eagerly awaiting this moment; like a car tire, ready to hit the road

At this point, the opportunities for sexual intimacy are so fragile, that any little thing can shatter them. Things you could let go or get over easily otherwise if it wasn’t during this intimate time- a hurtful statement, a disinterested facial expression, a lack of participation.

Ready to Roll

You want the sexual intimacy to happen this time because you’ve waited so long. Like a car tire, you’re ready to roll!

You’ve done your best to drive carefully and calmly within the speed limit by keeping the energy between you positive and enjoyable.

So if you sense the tension rising instead of your temperature- You’re hoping the atmosphere won’t turn cold and start dropping the air pressure.

You dread that air pressure warning alerting you that air is needed. Because you know you’ll have to stop driving to add air, or risk a flat at any given moment.

You’ve been down this road enough times to know not to simply add air and roll. No. You’ve learned to check your tire for leaks or nails. You inspect it carefully, then get a tire professional to help.

The Fragility of Sexual Intimacy

But what if you did all the things, said just enough words, and got their blood flowing- only to run over different nails in the midst? They pierce your tire. In the past when the air deflated slowly but surely, you had time to course-correct and make it back to the tire pro for a change. But, what do you do this time when the nails immediately flattened your tire?

Like those nails, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You don’t want to forfeit or waste this opportunity for your sexual needs to be fulfilled, especially knowing how long and seemingly hard it was for it to come your way. At the same time, your anticipation has has soured to disappointment.

The tire shop is closed so the pro can’t help you. What do you do?

The answer may surprise you… or not.

A Call to the Manufacturer

You call the Manufacturer! Jesus on the mainline- call Him up! Your hope-filled tire may seem too far gone to believe prayer will make a difference. But there is what?… Nothing too hard for God! He will help you! It may feel like waiting for Him to plug your tire is taking too long or not helping at all. The truth is, He’s not plugging it. That old one was worn out. The thread was gone. You couldn’t see you were on the verge of a blowout! But God did! So now, He’s changing your tire- and your mind.

You will do a new thing!

Rediscover Intimacy

The last time this happened to me, I literally sat in my disappointment. I sat on the edge of my bed and pondered why I wasn’t “good”.

Here’s another plot twist-


I decided my desires mattered more than my disappointment! I attribute this to my Scripture-based Survivor-informed Sexual Safety Affirmations. So what did I do? With the expectation that God would redeem my pain- I asked my husband for what I wanted to be fulfilled. And what did he do? Exactly that!

If you've ever felt the anticipation and then the crushing disappointment in your intimate moments, know that you're not alone. But you don't have to stay stuck in that disappointment. Discover The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™," a journey tailor-made for Christian husbands seeking to reconnect and rekindle the flame of intimacy in their marriage.

Every couple that commits to this journey is destined to experience acceptance, pleasure, fulfillment, and freedom in the bedroom, tailored to their unique intimacy needs and desires.

Some Features and Benefits of The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™

For Husband and Wife

King and Queen's Preference: Designed to identify individual relationship needs and preferences, this short pleasure questionnaire is completed by the husband and wife (individually) before creating and curating her Intimacy Gifts:
  • Providing personalized recommendations from our range of intimacy solutions
  • Creating a unique and empowering experience for each participant.
  • Ensuring she receives gifts she actually desires, and would touch her on a deeper level.

For The Husband

He will gain understanding, hope, and options for intimacy with his wife; dispelling the beliefs that he:

-Is being punished for past sins
-Has to accept a sexless marriage
-Must find ways to remain faithful without fulfillment

For The Wife

She will reclaim and embrace her sensual and sexual power, conquering the complex prison that is limiting her from experiencing pleasure and desires after sexual assault or abuse.

I am Mrs. Monique Harris, trusted as a Certified Trauma (and survivor) Informed Care facilitator with a long track record of advocacy and activism for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence over the last 11 years. Part of my service work is empowering survivors with Jesus so they can take back their power in healthy meaningful ways.

Go from rejected and disappointed, to accepted and pleased with The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™ by Soul Remodeling.