Watch & follow along with "The Feel Good, For Real Support System" by Mrs. Monique Harris

Together, we'll work through something that's bothering you. We will offer healing, support, and ways to redefine or think differently about what you're going through. 

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Blessings! I am Mrs. Monique Harris, The Relief Artist of Soul Remodeling™ and Certified Survivor-informed Listener, Workshop Speaker, Author, and Therapeutic Art Facilitator. Soul Remodeling is interior design in your heart™.

In this workshop experience, I share five steps that were birthed through my healing journey from trauma to treasure. These five steps helped me thrive in life after rape, domestic violence, PTSD, and chronic migraines.

I am joined by two ladies from my Christian Wives Group, Best Wives Ever, that I led consistently for four years.

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