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"I Am Healing" by Mrs. Monique Harris

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"Healing" is inspired by and represents myself and those I met along the way in group therapy who were actively seeking wholeness in the process of our individual journeys. It took several years for me to heal during my trauma recovery from sexual assault. For me, the journey was long and the work was hard. Every bit of it was worth getting to becoming the amazing woman of God I am today! Yes, the healing and grieving process was painful. Yes, you will survive this, too!

AWARENESS RIBBONS: Sexual assault and PTSD


OTHER: The front of the piece is signed by the artist. The back is blank so you can use a pen to add your own reflective thoughts or encouraging words to the recipient.

SPONSORS: You can purchase our art as a gift for resident rooms at safe homes that support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Simply let us know in the "Comments" section at checkout. We will send you the organization's information and a picture of the art in its new home!

SHIPPING: Shipped in black wood frame with acrylic covering and protective packaging. NOTE: The "SR" watermark is not on the actual artwork.