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Soul Remodeling Reflections™ Private Podcast

Soul Remodeling Reflections™ Private Podcast

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Giving Yourself Grace: A Private Podcast for Christian Moms Who Are Survivors of Sexual Assault to Find Peace Through Self-Compassion

Are you a mom who is a survivor of sexual assault?

Are you struggling to find joy and happiness in the small moments of life?

Are you looking for a way to heal and raise your children at the same time?

Achieve the peace and grace you deserve with our Soul Remodeling Reflections™ Private Podcast. Our podcast is hosted by Mrs. Monique Harris, a Certified Trauma-informed Therapeutic Art Facilitator who is also a 13-year rape survivor. Monique’s warm and soothing voice nurtures you like a grandma’s hug as she models a compassionate way to talk to yourself and others. With her straightforward Get HONEST™ approach, she also helps you redefine or think differently about what you’re going through. 

Here's more great news- subscribing to our Soul Remodeling Reflections™ Private Podcast unlocks access to your personal Soul Remodeling Reflections™ Guided Journal!

Our quarterly Guided Journal is designed to support you on your healing journey as you uncover your unique path of self-discovery to move forward and create a joyful life for your and your family. You can then carry these hopeful feelings throughout your day or night within your own heart.

This unique experience feels like a deep inhale/exhale. Receive encouragement and learn how to give yourself grace. Subscribe to our Soul Remodeling Reflections™ Private Podcast (over $100 monthly value) today including:

  • Current Episodes
  • New episode releases (bi-monthly)
  • Guided Journal- Hardcover or eBook (quarterly releases)

and continue your journey to peace and self-compassion. Your personal access allows you to listen on any Podcast player. Save $24 with an Annual Plan.

ANSWERS TO FAQ (frequently asked questions):

  • How long is my access to the Private Podcast? One-time (Access for one month), Monthly Plan (Access renews every month for one month), Yearly Plan (Access renews every year for one year). NOTE: New episodes are added monthly.

  • What are the appropriate ages for listeners? Our Private Podcast + Guided Journal are designed for grown women. Before allowing a minor child to listen, use your discretion for appropriateness of topics discussed.

  • When will I get my Guided Journal + Private Podcast Access? Upon sign up, we ship your Hardcover Workbook by the following Monday. If you ordered an eBook, it will be delivered to your provided email's inbox within 24 hours.

  • Can I give this Guided Journal + Private Podcast as gifts? Yes, that's a great idea! Simply enter the Recipient's info in the Shipping Address (for hardcover) or Email (for eBook) section.

  • Can I send this as a one-time gift, with no strings attached? Absolutely!

  • When does Soul Remodeling charge my card? According to your payment terms, on the same date of the month.

  • Are the Guided Journal + Private Podcast themed or seasonal? Both are without themes or any seasonal references. This is intentional so you can enjoy every part of our Guided Journal + Private Podcast all year long.
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