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Soul Remodeling Respite Retreats™

Soul Remodeling Respite Retreats™

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Respite Retreats™: Releasing feelings of pressure, shame, stress, performance anxiety, and fear because you crossed "keep it together" off your to-do list. 

Are you a survivor of sexual assault or abuse looking for ways to continue healing while raising your child(ren)? Need to relieve some things inside of you?

I understand the unique challenges you face when healing from sexual assault, domestic violence, PTSD, and chronic pain can be a long and difficult journey- because I’ve been doing it for over 13 years- 11 years successfully. We are here to help you find you find your own path to a sense of peace and empowerment through our creative process. That's why our Respite Retreats are tailored to meet your individual needs. Our private retreat is a safe and supportive space where survivors can express yourself without judgement.

Take a moment and imagine your child(ren) not having to fight internal battles like-

  • Difficulty trusting people and forming relationships
  • Fear of not being able to protect your children from experiencing the same trauma
  • Feeling of guilt for not being able to prevent the assault or abuse
  • Feeling of shame for not being able to leave or “get over it” sooner

-because you overcame your wars. It’s possible for part of your legacy to include generational healing.

You're invited to Soul Remodeling Respite™ Retreats- The First Self-coaching & Soul-care Subscription Kit with Community for Survivors of rape. These empowering experiences are intentionally designed with agency for the mom navigating her journey after sexual assault.

If you’ve been feeling like giving up- don't waste another thought on, “Do I really deserve this?” You can devote time to your healing without feeling guilty.

With true empathy, Mrs. Monique Harris (The Relief Artist) created Soul Remodeling Respite™ to give you breathing space and an overdue break from trying to be strong. Backed by her 13+ years lived experiences as a thriving survivor of rape and many other things- she uses her credentials as a Certified Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Art Facilitator to craft impactful expressive art activities.

You'll receive a quarterly dose of self-nurturing healing included in every Respite Experience:

  • Monthly Virtual Live Implementation Group Coaching with Mrs. Monique Harris
  • Soul Remodeling Retreat Kit with a repeatable Expressive Art Experience and reusable Keepsake Gift
  • 3 Collectible Mini Affirmation Art
  • Small Tote Bag
  • 1 Ticket to a semi-annual Virtual Event

Here's more encouragement- you'll also have access to our private brave space community with other quality women for emotional support. Our transparent talks can inspire more honest conversations with God, yourself, and your loved ones. Mrs. Monique Harris facilitates based on wisdom from her four years of consistently leading a Christian Wives Group. But don’t just take our word for it, reference the pictures below for some of their testimonials. 

And that's not all, our Respite Retreats™ are designed with the option to include your daughter, niece, or special girl.

BONUS: Annual Plans include access to our Soul Remodeling Reflections™ Private Podcast!

Designed to fit into your daily life, use Soul Remodeling Respite™ to self-soothe your hidden pain whenever or wherever you find solitude.

    ANSWERS TO FAQ (frequently asked questions):

  • What's the Quarterly Kit schedule? Our Kits are released February-April, May-July, August-October, November-January. This means when you sign up, you will receive the Kit for the current quarter.

  • When will I get my Kit? Upon sign up, we ship your Kit by the following Monday. After your initial Kit, we ship out in the first week of the quarter.

  • Can I give Kits as a gift? Yes, that's a great idea! Simply enter the Recipient's info in the Shipping Address section.

  • Can I send this as a one-time gift, with no strings attached? You can absolutely send a past Kit from our Gift Shop (  as a one-time purchase.

  • Can I reorder past Kits? Yes, you can order past Kits from our Gift Shop (,) for up to six months after release date. Those are one-off purchases (not a subscription).

  • What are the appropriate ages for the girls? Our Kits are designed for ages 8 and older. Use your discretion if you have a younger child.

  • When does Soul Remodeling charge my card? According to your payment terms, on the same date of the month.

  • Are the Kits themed or seasonal? Each Kit is themed without any seasonal items. This is intentional so you can enjoy every part of any kit all year long!
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