Nominate Yourself for The King's Intimacy Challenge

Nominate Yourself for The King's Intimacy Challenge

Ages 21+ only

7-Day Teaser from our exclusive King and Queen Intimacy Experience™ without gifts and personalization for the Christian husband who needs & wants to reconnect, and have more pleasure and fulfilling sex with his wife.

What To Expect

Over the next 7 days, you'll explore an interactive journey to reignite your connection and discover the power of it. I highly suggest taking notes along the way- either on paper or on your phone!

Marriage: More Than a "Quick Win"

While we all love a "quick win", the only thing quick about marriage is saying, "I do!" In a world that often seeks instant gratification, it's important to remember that marriage is more like a homemade pound cake than a store-bought cupcake. The true value lies in dedicating time and effort to the process. The anticipation and excitement that build along the way are all part of the journey, leading to greater pleasure and satisfaction of your desires.

So make peace with pace. "The King's Intimacy Challenge" consists of four Quest Days to explore and experiment, and three Rest & Reflect Days. These moments of reflection are crucial for understanding and deepening your connection.

Getting Started

To enter, Nominate Yourself here to receive and begin your first Quest tomorrow!

Use today wisely to assess your family's schedule and determine when you and your wife can enjoy those intimate moments together.

"The King's Intimacy Challenge" is a teaser from the transformative experience awaiting you in our comprehensive "The King and Queen Intimacy Experience" - keys to reconnect with your wife's soul and unlock her desires for acceptance, pleasure, fulfillment, and freedom in the bedroom.

Some Features and Benefits of The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™

For Husband and Wife

King and Queen's Preference: Designed to identify individual relationship needs and preferences, this short pleasure questionnaire is completed by the husband and wife (individually) before creating and curating her Intimacy Gifts:
  • Providing personalized recommendations from our range of intimacy solutions
  • Creating a unique and empowering experience for each participant.
  • Ensuring she receives gifts she actually desires, and would touch her on a deeper level.

For The Husband

He will gain understanding, hope, and options for intimacy with his wife; dispelling the beliefs that he:

-Is being punished for past sins
-Has to accept a sexless marriage
-Must find ways to remain faithful without fulfillment

For The Wife

She will reclaim and embrace her sensual and sexual power, conquering the complex prison that is limiting her from experiencing pleasure and desires after sexual assault or abuse.

I am Mrs. Monique Harris, trusted as a Certified Trauma (and survivor) Informed Care facilitator with a long track record of advocacy and activism for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence over the last 11 years. Part of my service work is empowering survivors with Jesus so they can take back their power in healthy meaningful ways.

Go from rejected and disappointed, to accepted and pleased with The King and Queen Intimacy Experience™ by Soul Remodeling.

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