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Best Mom Ever Support System™

Best Mom Ever Support System™

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“I can truly say that Monique shows up. In order to help someone you need to be there, consistently, and she's definitely been there for me. Whether it was to pray for me, help me, or just listen- she was down for it all. What was important to me became important to her and she proved it by being there". -Biniqua H.

This is what happens when you purchase and use our "Best Mom Ever Support System" Guidance with Gift Experience™:

You (Wonderful Woman who is a Mom)- 

  • Accept praise for being a good mom, freeing you of that longing desire from your children.
  • Receive rewards for imperfect progress made since therapy with tangible personalized gifts, symbolic of the intangible benefits you receive from mothering well.
  • Get relief in our supportive space after sharing things you’ve been afraid to talk to friends about because you felt embarrassed, ashamed, or judged.
  • Learn ways to heal at home in everyday moments so you can release the pain you’re hiding from your children.

Your Children- 

  • Benefit from you gaining a deeper understanding of insightful, impactful and effective parenting practices.
  • Watch you lead by example as you teach and raise them with healthy meaningful ways for giving and receiving love.

Your Relationships-

  • Increase in intimacy and connection with Jesus, your husband (if married), children, family and friends.
  • Enable you to flourish in other areas where help from others is needed
  • Become an inspiration to other mothers!

"Monique is an awesome leader and a wonderful listener. I appreciate her listening ear when I needed someone to talk to about family issues that I was facing. She allowed me to vent and offered wonderful advice that I could use because we've shared similar experiences. For that, I will forever be grateful." -Stephanie W.

This is how we deliver our "Best Mom Ever Support System" Guidance with Gift Experience to guarantee you experience Recognition, Appreciation, and Celebration:

Trinity Gift Experience: We curate and drip-ship a sequence of three intentional personalized gifts for the first 3 months (one pick-me-up or self-love gift per month), then once a month for the duration of your experience.

  • Our unique “Drip-ship” method means your gift will be delivered randomly each month for anticipation, excitement, and surprise! "An unexpected gift from [Mrs. Monique Harris] this morning made my day! This is literal love in a box! 😍" -Hope R.
    • Our hand-selected gifts are mostly reusable and/or shareable
    • We prioritize sourcing gifts from businesses advancing God’s Kingdom, and those operating in excellence that are black-owned

Personal responses with coaching from a Soul Remodeling Love Leader (our certified facilitators): We are real women with heart and original thoughts responding to you. Because you deserve to be cared for by a person- not a robot- no artificial intelligence (Ai) is used in our communications with you.

Customized Recommendations to our Self-coaching Resources.

Best Mom Ever Village: Daily access to a dedicated safe space in our exclusive App for supportive women to be transparent, encouraged, and prayerful about our journeys without the fear of being judged. This Christ-centered sisterhood connects good moms and gives us opportunities to bless one another! We encourage you to see yourself through God’s eyes while seeking deeper intimacy with your Heavenly Father first, then in other relationships.

Soul and Self-care Celebrations: Quarterly meetups within the Best Mom Ever Village to honor your imperfect progress™!

"I’m proud of my tried-and-true leader who has selflessly dedicated herself to the outlet made of other women. Sacrifice like that today is not usual and I don’t take it for granted. Monique is able to be truthful, insightful, funny and very transparent. You definitely feel like “we are in this together!” -Janelle H.

How this works:

Think of me and my team of Love Leaders as the encouraging friend you talk to every now and again, and no love is lost in between catch-up sessions! Each encounter always leaves you feeling better inside- plus you'll have tangible gifts of love to enjoy in the meantime between talks!

Once a month at your convenience, you’ll share your sentiments with a Soul Remodeling Love Leader using our “Best Mom Ever” App. If a month goes by and a Love Leader hasn’t heard from you- she’ll send you a reminder.

Each month, a Love Leader responds with a personalized Treasured Letter, and drip-ships an intentional trauma-informed Gift.

Get two months FREE (save $250) with an annual plan!

Next Steps after purchase:

In your Confirmation Email (after checkout)- You receive a link to download our App and instructions to complete our personalization form.

After form submission once a month, we at Soul Remodeling: Create Your Gift Experience & Drip-ship Your Soul Remodeling Gifts!

Click/Tap play button below to listen to a personal Treasured Letter from Mrs. Monique Harris, Founder of Soul Remodeling who has 20+ years of experience mothering multiple children while she was also healing from a slew of traumas.

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