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"My Worth Exceeds My Productivity" 12-Week Care Planner (DIGITAL PRINTABLE)

"My Worth Exceeds My Productivity" 12-Week Care Planner (DIGITAL PRINTABLE)

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How accomplished did you feel at the end of the year? Imagine getting one year's worth of progress done in just 12 weeks! Instead of feeling ashamed and unproductive with so much of your precious day wasted on things that don't really matter- you can feel proud because your Care Planner includes Imperfect Progress Trackers that measure the small daily steps taken to overcome procrastination and being stagnant. 

When you use this fillable version OR download and print your Digital Care Planner, this will be your useful companion- designed for personal and/or business purposes as a simple yet powerful way to:

  • Get more done in less time
  • Create focus and clarity on your top priorities
  • Feel the satisfaction of checking things off your "Vision Goals" List!


    • Twelve week planner for attainable daily progress towards goals
    • Progress-tracking Tools
    • Instructions on how to use it
    • Sized for 8.5" x 11" paper, designed with lined pages in black & white
    • Affirming Artwork cover (recommend printing on glossy cardstock paper)
    • For your convenience, pages are undated so you can start using it at anytime!
    • Daily affirmation, motivational or inspirational quotes

      Your 12-Week Year Digital Care Planner features space for:

      • Goal-setting and tracking
      • Accomplishments
      • Reflections
      • Lessons
      • Gratitude
      • Meal Planning and Recipes
      • Especially useful for warriors of chronic pain (see Inspiration below).

      Write your vision and make it plain in this 8.5" x 11" sized Digital Printable 12-Week Care Planner! Remember, your worth is not determined by what you do, but by Whose you are.

        THE TRANSFORMATION: You'd never know it just by looking at or talking to her- but Mrs. Monique Harris suffers through chronic migraines every day. On most days, she used to feel more than unproductive; she felt like a failure because of the limitations on her from trying to manage the invisible pain. Monique desired to do great things in Jesus' name, but every day seemed like another opportunity wasted in bed.

        One day, she was inspired to create this Intention Planner for herself to begin acknowledging her daily accomplishments- even it was only getting out of bed. She believed that tracking her goals, accomplishments, and gratitude daily would show her that what seemed insignificant was actually very impactful; and motivate her to keep going by giving herself grace one day at a time. After Monique's personal successes of using it for two years, she now shares it with you!

        *The 12 Week Year creates focus and clarity on what matters most and a sense of urgency to do it now. In the end more of the important stuff gets done and the impact on results is profound.”- Google books

        This is a digital product. Nothing will arrive in the mail. The watermarks will NOT appear on your journal cover. 

        *The fine print: Colors may vary slightly due to different monitors. Artwork cannot be redistributed or resold in any format. You cannot use the artwork for commercial use. This art is for personal use only. It is not to be copied, redistributed, or resold in any capacity. I do not accept cancellations, returns, refunds, or exchanges due to the nature of the product; but if you have any concerns- feel free to email
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