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Bestseller "Breathe" Affirmation Mug, 15 oz

Bestseller "Breathe" Affirmation Mug, 15 oz

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Normalize buying yourself a daily reminder to "Breathe" and reclaim your peace. Then maybe you’ll be as happy as Hope who said this after grabbing our large 15 ounce "Breathe" Affirmation Mug:

Soul Remodeling's "Breathe" mug is even more BEAUTIFUL in person than it is online. The mug is incredibly high-quality with a heavier and stronger build than lesser quality mugs. We are actually using this piece as decor in our gallery. It is fitting as a work of art with a message we can all use. We love it and you will too! -Hope R.

For dazzling you or upgrading your home’s décor – this affirmation coaster set makes it all happen. Pair with our "Breathe" mug for an extra treat!


Smell your favorite freshly roasted coffee...

Sip your restorative herbal tea...

Savor your farm-pressed apple cider...

Indulge in your hot cocoa...

-when you fill our elegant affirming mugs with your favorite beverage at any time of day!

You can also use the mugs as gratitude cups and fill with small slips of papers that reflect what you are grateful for each day.


Four Large 15 ounce mugs


Can be washed in dishwasher or easily cleaned with a mild detergent

Four coasters that come in one size, are made with a high-gloss top, and feature a cork back to prevent sliding.


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