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Sweet and Freaky Wife™: 90 Messages to Show Your Husband Appreciation, Admiration, and Anticipation Vol. 1

Sweet and Freaky Wife™: 90 Messages to Show Your Husband Appreciation, Admiration, and Anticipation Vol. 1

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This hardcover book includes sensual adult pictures, sexually explicit language, and content for ages 21 and older only. 

Get ready for a love boost like never before! Each message is thoughtfully designed by us, then personalized by your wife- to touch your heart, boost your confidence, and remind you of the incredible spouse you are. Plus, sharing Sweet & Freaky™️ messages daily will do the same for her and naturally create reciprocity.

We don’t guarantee that you’ll get some; but if you buy this book, there’s a strong possibility this will lead to that 😜

Experience deeper connection, affection, and admiration from your wife with our valuable book "Sweet and Freaky Wife™: 90 Messages to Show Your Husband Appreciation, Admiration, and Anticipation Vol. 1."

This is a love book like no other, where you and your wife explore healing, intimacy, and growth together, forging an unbreakable bond

Why "Sweet and Freaky Wife"?

1. Christian Wives love using it! Here's a few testimonials:

I’ve been married for 20 years but I have to admit not much time was put into intentionally speaking sweet phrases to my spouse and don’t even get me started with our sexual communication! I would blush at just the thought. What I love about this book is it gives me the words, which leads to the ideas, which turns into actions. Each phrase in this books opens the door to intimate communication that could otherwise go unsaid but really needs to be spoken. -Biniqua Hayes

Wow! This book really turns up the heat in my marriage. I didn’t think things could get any spicier than they already were but here we are! The eBook makes the ease of access perfect for my busy on the go life.-Diamond S.

The bible says that marriage is honorable in all, & the bed is undefiled... I believe a lot of times the missing thing in marriages is purposeful intimacy, appreciation, & consideration for our spouses. This book is full of wisdom for us wives. It is definitely an eyeopener to how we can use the simplicity of words to encourage, motivate, & bless our husbands. Thus creating a heavenly matrimony that God shall continue to bless! Thank you Monique for this precious gift! -Chequita Walker

You know exactly how to please me​

2. Spice Up Your Romance: Prepare to be amazed as these heartfelt messages ignite the flame of intimacy between you two. Love is about to get sweeter and freakier!

3. 90 Days of Pure Love: Get ready for a three-month adventure filled with love and affection. Each day brings a fresh message that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear!

4. Faith and Love Unite: Our messages are all about Christian values, celebrating the beauty of marriage and strengthening your bond in the eyes of God.

5. Feel Closer Than Ever: Connect on a deep emotional level with your wife's words. Get ready to feel cherished, appreciated, and loved to the moon and back!

How It Works:

1. Super Quick and Easy: Spend just 60 seconds each day on this heartwarming ritual. Includes Tips to Maximize Your Experience to make it so simple, yet so powerful!

2. Surprise, Surprise!: Picture the look on your face when you receive these surprise personalized messages. Brace yourself for moments of pure joy and love!

3. Reignite the Passion: "Sweet and Freaky" will set your heart racing, and your love life soaring. Get ready for some serious romance vibes!

Level up your love game today! Gift "Sweet and Freaky Wife™: 90 Messages to Show Your Husband Appreciation, Admiration, and Anticipation Vol. 1" to your wife and rediscover love's adventurous magic. Don't wait, grab yours now and you'll fall in love all over again!

Because the results shifted our marriages, intimate notes to husband from this book collection, “Sweet and Freaky Wife™,” are included in every King and Queen Intimacy Experience ™!

Wives commit to positive change in your marriage with “Sweet and Freaky Wife™,” AND Husbands commit with “The King and Queen Intimacy Experience” ™.

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